Cleaner, safer, longer-lasting food.
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Spray firm fruits and veggies, countertops and cutting surfaces, utensils, hands and even binkies!

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Wipe away waxy build-up, surface contaminates, pesticide residue and organic particles.

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Wash your own salad greens and they’ll crisp up in the fridge, lasting up to 200% longer!

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Celebrities Love Eat Cleaner

Anna Getty
Anna Getty, green living educator, author Easy Green Organic, Founder of Pregnancy Awareness Month

"In my house we eat exclusively organic. But even with organic there can be unwanted chemicals, bacteria and residues.

I have started using Eat Cleaner. It is non-toxic and gets the job done. I know I am eating my food the way nature intended it with Eat Cleaner. Pure and untainted."

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Candice Kumai
Candice Kumai, Celebrity Chef, NY Time Bestselling Author, star of Playing with Fire

"Eat Cleaner is not only a great solution to protect ourselves from a growing pesticide concern, but it actually gives chicken and fish a richer, fresher taste by removing the waxes and films.

As a chef, it is important to me to put the highest quality food and produce on the dinner table and Eat Cleaner has helped me up the ante in the kitchen. This was an innovation America’s kitchens were begging for."

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Chalene Johnson
Chalene Johnson,celebrity fitness personality, NY Times bestselling author

"I can't believe how much easier it is to get our family to eat fruit and veggies now with Eat Cleaner Wash and Wipes. We just wash everything and it’s ready to eat in the fridge where everyone can grab it.

It gets rid of the junk water can’t like wax, pesticides (which can prevent you from losing weight, by the way), dirt and bugs. And where have all those hands been that are squeezing my tomatoes? I carry the Eat Cleaner Wipes with us everywhere and pack them with lunches so the kids can clean their apples and their hands. Now it’s just a habit to use to keep us healthy and safe. Eat Cleaner, Get Leaner baby!"

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Kelly Rutherford
Kelly Rutherford, Actress

"Eat Cleaner wipes are great for moms on the go like me."

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